[c]/sɛl / (say sel)

verb (sold, selling)
verb (t)
1. to give up or make over for a consideration; dispose of to a purchaser for a price.
2. to deal in; keep for sale.
3. to act as a dealer in or seller of: he sells insurance.
4. to facilitate or induce the sale of: the package sells the product.
5. to induce or attempt to induce purchasers for: he used to be a good actor, but now he is selling soap on television.
6. to cause to be accepted: to sell an idea to the public.
7. Colloquial to cheat or hoax.
verb (i)
8. to sell something; engage in selling.
9. to be on sale; find purchasers.
10. to win acceptance, approval, or adoption.
noun Colloquial
11. an act of selling or salesmanship. Compare hard sell, soft sell.
12. a hoax or deception.
13. a disappointment.
14. be sold on, Colloquial to be very enthusiastic about.
15. sell dearly, to part with after great and protracted resistance: to sell one's life dearly.
16. sell down the river, Colloquial to betray; deceive: *Don't trust anybody in authority because they'll sell you down the river. –herald, 1988. {Phrase Origin: from the movement of slaves in America down the Mississippi from the tobacco fields in the north to harsher treatment on the cotton or sugar plantations of the south, often having been traded at the slave market at the mouth of the river at New Orleans}
17. sell for, to be purchasable for the price of.
18. sell off, to sell at reduced prices, or with some other inducement for quick sale.
19. sell one's body, to become a prostitute.
20. sell out,
a. to dispose entirely of (goods or a particular product) by selling; have none left of.
b. Colloquial to abandon one's principles, beliefs, lifestyle, etc., motivated by self-interested or monetary considerations rather than idealistic concerns.
c. Colloquial to betray.
21. sell up,
a. to liquidate by selling the assets of.
b. to sell a business.
{Middle English selle(n), Old English sellan give, deliver up, sell}
sellable, adjective

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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